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A complete e-business solution that uses state-of-the-art tools to optimize a groups online presence at a fraction of the cost of other leading membership applications.

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Email Marketing

Built in email marketing and newsletter tools allow you to stay in touch with your community LEARN MORE

Meeting & Event Manager

Maximize your meeting and event attendance LEARN MORE

Membership Manager

Keep tabs on everyone at every level of your site from members to administrators. LEARN MORE


Our AWS hosting is so stress free that it will make you feel like you’re floating on a cloud. LEARN MORE


Easily set up and manage your member’s cash flow through your own website. LEARN MORE


Create the perfect website without knowing a line of code. LEARN MORE

Scalable membership platform that grows with you!

Who uses MemberBoss?


  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Alumni Associations
  • Community Services
  • Religous Groups
  • & More

Small businesses

  • Medical Offices
  • Retail Stores
  • Real Estate Companies
  • Restaurants, Bars & Night Clubs
  • & More


  • Teacher Organizations
  • Fraternities & Sororities
  • Sports Clubs
  • & More

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Why Choose MemberBoss?

Ease of Use

The MemberBoss dashboard is where you access all of the tools to manage your membership. It provides a streamlined approach to managing your professional or trade organization. It is designed to be flexible, and provide your community with an affordable, scalable and customizable set of features.

All-in-one platform

Our full featured platform gives you access to all the tools needed to run a membership based organization: join forms, event registration, online newsletters, bulk emails, groups, triggers, CTAs, blogs and ecommerce all designed to work together seamlessly.

Saves time & money

We save our customers money, time and hassle, because our tools all access the same database so there is no need to waste time keeping and updating multiple lists and databases. We save you money by making these tools free with your MemberBoss subscription making this the best cost to value system available.

SEO Boss

The SEO Boss is designed to effortlessly address the important ranking signals used to determine the value and relevance of a website. The code and supporting network of businesses help each business owner build on their existing sites and connect with each other. The goal is to reduce the amount of time each client spends worried about their SEO.

Relevant Content Pages

The SEO Boss generates any important keyword related pages a client may be missing and adds a new page to the site automatically. People often want to rank for keywords that don’t appear anywhere on their site. The new optimized content page gets grouped into an article section which we add. The article section must be linked to from the homepage but we recommend linking from all pages on the footer. A footer link is a great way to integrate these pages

High Quality Interlinking

SEO Boss

Once we get new content squared away for each important keyword, our system goes to work building links to that content. This software was born of 10 years of industry experience, 4 million lines of code hosted across 4 servers. The software will attempt to pair up a new client’s content pages with an existing site on the network within their category and niche sub categories. The links help our clients leverage their content better by boosting up the authority of the site. When actual affiliate and competitor websites within the relevant industry are referencing a site, the site is seen as important. We check for and correct architecture and content from both the link sender and link receiver. We then reference the new content we’ve created with a short paragraph and relevant title linking in. The end result being high quality links with more weight and real authority. Rather than posting an article all over the web and hoping it gets noticed, we keep valuable content on your website and ensure it gets noticed.


Once the SEO Boss code is installed you will be provided with a report that shows the links being generated, corresponding keywords, where the link appears, and relevancy score. Our system will actively watch for new relevant link partners daily and makes sure the links stay live. Broken links or those that have been deleted based on the client’s request, will be replaced promptly with a link from the next most relevant partner. Keyword rankings will be sent you in a monthly report.

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