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Finding The Ideal Membership Management Software


Your association has grown to a size considerable enough for you to use technology to your advantage and increase productivity. You’ve been given the task of finding the most appropriate membership management software for your member-based organization. Where do you start? What should you be looking for? There’s a myriad of membership management software out there. Going through them to find just the right software for your unique organization is a very daunting task. Not only do you have to fig...

Posted By Stephane Kabesa | 5/22/2020 1:52:03 PM

Engaging Your Audience With Content Marketing

Content Marketing

The recent events that have befallen us have caused dramatic changes in the way business is conducted. More and more corporate entities and member-based associations are looking into alternate strategies to optimize their outreach. Since the crisis began, internet usage has seen an unprecedented surge. Nothing is having a more profound impact on online activity than this global crisis. People are spending more and more time online, which means that people are consuming online content more than b...

Posted By Stephane Kabesa | 5/19/2020 6:12:31 PM

Welcoming New Members To Your Association

Welcome Aboard

Someone signed up to become a new member of your organization. That is terrific news! It is now time to welcome this new member, to make an amazing impression and guide them on their way to becoming a participating, engaged and involved member of your association. There are few ways to welcome new members to your organization, the most common one being via email. Here are some tips and tricks on what to include in a great welcome email: A Personalized Subject Line Personalizing your email to n...

Posted By Stephane Kabesa | 4/21/2020 3:16:30 PM

Using Membership Management Software as your Organization Grows


As your member-based organization grows, the work necessary to manage your membership grows as well. Keeping your members happy and engaged will require more work, on top of the work needed to obtain more members. The more work needs to be done, the more time is needed to accomplish all the required tasks. If your organization is not using Membership Management Software, all the work required to manage your membership can become quite cumbersome. This is because as your organization grows, you’l...

Posted By Stephane Kabesa | 4/10/2020 3:42:02 PM

Zoom-Bombing and How to Prevent It

Zoom Bombing

If you’ve recently been working remotely, then chances are you are familiar with the video conferencing platform Zoom. Teleworking arrangements have been made across many businesses, organizations and even schools with many of them adopting Zoom as their video conferencing platform of choice. Zoom has quickly become a vital tool for millions of people to communicate during this time of stay-at-home orders and social distancing. Zoom-Bombing Unfortunately, the world is succumbing to a new type of...

Posted By Stephane Kabesa | 4/7/2020 12:14:08 PM

Managing Your Membership During The Global Crisis

Managing Membership

Unless you are a Martian, or are on a space odyssey, you should be aware of the global crisis we are facing due to the Coronavirus. Throughout the whole world, governments and health organizations are taking unprecedented measures to fight and mitigate the impact of the virus. Stay-at-home orders have been implemented. Multiple businesses aren’t able to function properly. Some have even shut down all operations. The economy has taken a hit, and more and more people are in self-isolation. Amidst ...

Posted By Stephane Kabesa | 4/3/2020 1:24:40 PM

Improving Membership Retention during Uncertain Times

One of the greatest challenges for member-based organizations is membership retention, especially during uncertain times. The long-term success of any membership site depends on member retention. Now, more than ever, as the nation faces an usual crisis that we have never encountered before, remaining calm and making every effort to continue business as usual is very critical. Nationwide measures have been taken to deal with this crisis. Schools have closed. Sports have been suspended. Multitude ...

Posted By Stephane Kabesa | 3/31/2020 11:41:13 AM

An Open Letter From MemberBoss Regarding COVID-19

We realize that the COVID-19 outbreak has redefined "business as usual" for many of us and adapting to this new reality can be difficult. With that in mind, we would like you to know that we are still here and operating remotely to help in any way we can. As the pandemic has affected staffing levels we request that if you have a support question or issue, please email and we will make sure the issue gets to the right person. We also recognize that your staffing levels may...

Posted By Heather Stoudt | 3/24/2020 4:46:46 PM


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